3 months fleece growth on Dusk, a Leicester Longwool ewe.

3 months fleece growth on Dusk, a Leicester Longwool ewe.

Wool from the first year’s shearing of our Leicester Longwool ewes will be available in August 2014. The lambs were sheared at 3 months of age, so the wool will be free of tips. We will have two fleeces available.

The Leicester Longwool’s fleece is prized by handspinners and crafters for its curl, soft handle and lustrous beauty. The fleece generally weighs from 11-18 lbs. although heavier fleeces have been recorded. The wool has an evenness of length with a spiral tipped staple length of up to 14 inches in twelve months growth. It is high-yielding and stylish with well-defined crimp. Generally softer and somewhat finer than Lincoln or Cotswold, it’s highly valued by handspinners and weavers for its handle and beautiful dye acceptance.The wool dyes exceptionally well, maintaining the purity of color and the natural luster still shines through.

Our sheep are raised on biodynamically-maintained pasture which is never treated with pesticides or chemicals. When they receive supplementary food, it is Certified Organic feed from Countryside Organics. They also receive Certified Organic minerals daily.

If you’re interested in purchasing the wool, you can sign up to be notified of its availability. We have not yet decided if we’ll sell the skirted fleeces whole or by the ounce. We are also considering processing and possibly dyeing some to sell especially to doll makers. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about this, please contact us. We are actively growing our flock, and will have more available fleece in the coming years. Thanks for your support!


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