The Rockfish Valley Loop trail

DSC00478 copyOne of the loveliest parts of our farm’s location is its proximity to the Rockfish Valley Loop Trail, maintained by the Rockfish Valley Foundation. The trail is a 4 mile circuit (actually, a few different circuits) that allow you to walk through private land on well-maintained footpaths.You walk through fields, woods, through wetlands and along streams and rivers. The pastures are maintained as bird habitats, and there are picnic tables and even a lovely fairy house. And some dynamite swimming holes.

The trail links to the Rockfish Valley Natural History Center (an affiliate of the Virginia Museum of Natural History), which is open on the weekends and has great exhibits, especially for children. And you can use it to walk to Bold Rock Cidery for freshly made hard cider and appetizers.DSC00461 trail good copy

It’s a terrific place for birdwatching and botanizing and it’s flat, so it’s perfect for children or anyone who’s not up to a mountain ramble. It’s the first thing we suggest any visitor do.  The perfect neighborhood walk, in our estimation.

It’s an extremely English idea, where pedestrian right-of-way is a way of life. The trail includes the road our driveway extends up from, and the footpath starts just minutes from there. At least some of our family walks or runs it daily, and it’s one of our greatest pleasures. DSC00337 MG Ruth and Sax copy


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