DSC01300 Entoloma murraii (unicorn pinkgill) DSC01303 DSC01312 DSC01318 XEROMPHALINA CAMPANELLA (GOLDEN TRUMPETS)Nemataloma? Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceous (gray-violet bolete)4 Cantharellus cinnabarinus (red chanterelle)2 Stropharia aeruginosa (Verdisgris) Hygrocybe coccinea (scarlet hood) 4 Geoglossum nigritum (black earthtounge) Clavaria zollingeri (magenta coral) DSC00373 DSC01299

My older daughter and I are having lots of fun collecting pictures of the different mushrooms we find in our woods here in Nellysford, VA over the year. We’ve identified some, but not all. The white ones are particularly hard to tell apart without doing spore prints, which we haven’t ventured into yet. We will, but we’re still in the objectify-as-beautiful-jewels phase of mushroom hunting. We also haven’t begun foraging them for food yet– we’re still watching and learning.  These are just a few of the photos we’ve captured.

There are two other great mushrooming spots we frequent, one on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and one up the hill at Wintergeen Ski Resort. Mushrooming has certainly changed how we interact with the landscape.


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