DSC01703 Dottie, my favorite

Dottie, my favorite chicken.


Hotdog is the Barred Rock in the front (black and white) with Lincoln, our Ameruacana rooster behind (left) and Icecream, a White Brama hen (right).


Nuggets, the brown and black Golden Polish hen on the left, is a guest favorite. She is an iconoclast and avoids the hen house, instead roosting high in a tree.

Like everyone who has chickens, I love my chickens. It wouldn’t quite feel, well, farmy, without them roaming around, pecking and clocking. Ours are currently entirely free-range, having the whole run of the place, but as the gardens grow, the chickens will begin being limited. They’ll certainly always have plenty of room to roam, and I’m weighing different fencing options to give them as much leeway as possible. I love seeing them waddle over to check out what’s happening. We’ve lost a lot to predators– probably raccoons and foxes, and certainly a red-tailed hawk– and we’ve had to become more vigilant about shutting up the henhouse quickly in the evening. Once the weather turns chilly, animals get hungrier, and chickens are a tasty snack. But losing chickens is part and par for the course if you’re allowing them freedom. I wish knowing that made it easier, though. I do love my girls.

Safety on the big pumpkin

Safety on the big pumpkin

Offering ricecakes

Offerring ricecakes

Chasing chickens

Chasing chickens in Nellysford, VA


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